Etym Catalytic Ethylene Converter

The catalytic Etym purifier is used to purify ethylene gas (C2H4) as well as aromatic substances produced by the respiration of fruits and vegetables stored in conservation rooms (in controlled atmosphere as in a normal atmosphere).

The working principle of the unit is based on its capability of separating the ethylene molecules from the flow of air to be purified, by conveying it through a special catalyzer and then again back to the room. To put it in simple terms, the Etym purifier is made up by a catalytic chamber at high temperature (≥250°C) and an electric fan that conveys the air flow aspired from the conservation room to the purifier.

The unit contains a catalyzer heating section and a total heat-recovery section, which allows to maintain an adequate and constant temperature inside the catalytic chamber and at the same time to cool the treated air, reducing power consumption and improving the converter’s efficiency.


The purifier MK 600, working according to a chemical principle, loaded with the granular Frubel® purifying product, slows down the ripening of fruits and vegetables conserved in the cold-storage rooms. By means of high-head centrifugal fans, air is recirculated inside the room by conveying it though the reagent product, thus cleaning the air from ethylene, the latter being the main responsible for the acceleration of the ripening  process.

The main advantages of the chemical ethylene cleaning method consist of maintaining constant thermal and hygrometric values of the air inside the room and reducing investment cost.

It is sufficient to load the product into the drawers and to press the power-on button, and the air inside the room is immediately purified.

The exhausted product changes its color, which makes it easy to detect its effectiveness.

The replacement charge of the granular Frubel® product is always available.

Marvil MK is characterized by low energy consumption and reduced maintenance need.


Frubel® is a chemical preparation in granular form, directly produced by our company, consisting of potassium permanganate of extreme purity, for use inside the chemical purifier MK 600, produced by ourselves, for the absorption of ethylene and aromatic substances. The product, originally of violet color as long as it is chemically active, becomes yellow-grayish as soon as its properties are exhausted. Therefore, the state of the charge is easily detectable inside the chemical converter. Each charge is supplied in a sealed drum containing 70 kg net of product.