Nitrogen generators

The NITROGEN GENERATORS of the Ali series produce nitrogen with a high purity degree, by means of a technologically highly advanced system: molecular atmospheric air separation, where the prevailing gas is Nitrogen (N2, accounting for 78% of the total volume).

This procedure implies the passage of treated compressed atmospheric air supplied by a compressor, by means of a system of molecular sieves made up by activated-carbon filters. During its working, oxygen is retained, while nitrogen (plus a minimal residue of oxygen) is accumulated in a tank for its subsequent use.

Its operation is completely automated and cyclical; the filtering elements are alternatively regenerated and cleaned by removing the oxygen retained, which is released into the atmosphere.

Generator construction

Apart from the filtering elements consisting of molecular sieves, the nitrogen generator is provided with a system of automated valves adequately coordinated and controlled, in order to obtain high performance levels. A special kit of pressure switches with pressure sensors and intermediate tanks facilitate and improve the control of the nitrogen production procedure.

The Ali generator is provided with an oxygen analyzer for controlling and monitoring the degree of purity of the nitrogen generated, which interrupts its distribution in case of an insufficient degree of purity, and recirculates it in the molecular separation system in order to further reduce the content of residual oxygen.

The whole equipment is mounted on a strong support chassis realized in stainless steel and closed inside a finely painted metal fairing.

The control panel with touchpad is placed on the front of the generator. Due to a special technology with a digital microprocessor, it allows an easy and intuitive checking of the typical functions and data of the machine.

Air compression unit

The production of the compressed air needed for the working of the ALI generator is guaranteed by an air compression and treatment unit adequately calibrated for the plant.

Our technical department shall suggest you the most suitable solution according to the application to which your generator is dedicated.