Megas Electronic Gas Analyzer

As the word itself suggests, any Controlled Atmosphere Plant works on the basis of the control of the typical fundamental values analyzed: carbon-dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2). Today this is achieved thanks to the more refined and extreme limits of accurate and reliable conservation parameters stable in time. Marvil designs and realizes on its own the instruments of the MEGAS, incorporating the management of analyses and the control of the CA system, and in particular ULO and DCA, guaranteeing simplicity and safety.

Analizzatore di ossigeno e anidride carbonica portatile Helpy

Apart from producing MEGAS electronic analyzers of the fixed type, Marvil conceived a portable instrument that distinguishes itself for its light weight and simple handling, a real helper, therefore called HELPY.

It comes with a small elegant protective suitcase provided with the required accessories, allowing the input of information to customize analyses at intervals by transforming them into colored zoomable diagrams.