Marvil approaches also industrial issues, covering a wide range from catalytic and chemical systems of air cleaning to reduce pollutants, to sanitize or only to reduce odours or harmful emissions, until the inertation of production systems.

Marvil’s technicians are at your disposal to solve your problems implied in industrial processes, aimed at guaranteeing a high processing quality, reducing pollutants and optimizing costs.


Nitrogen is present in the air by 78% as an odourless and colourless gases, and is the most economic natural gas for the purpose of inerting industrial processes. By using nitrogen it is possible to improve the quality of your products.

The production of nitrogen on spot is an opportunity much appreciated in industries. Besides the limited cost of generation and maintenance, an on-spot production system guarantees a constant supply to production lines with evident practical advantages.

Nitrogen in gaseous state is used in numerous industrial processes, and the in-situ production contributes to solve the issues supply, storage and movement of cylinders, renouncing big-sized tanks of liquid-state nitrogen which need a scheduled and continuous consumption, in many cases also with an economic advantage.

Nitrogen is mainly used to reduce oxidation during processes, e.g. to maintain the original fragrance in the conservation of oil, or when packaging food products, in transformation or thermal processes with high temperatures for food products, or ferrous or polymer materials.

Examples of use of gaseous nitrogen include:

  • bottling, transfer or packaging of perishables and/or food products (wine, fruit juices, oils)
  • inerting of flammable liquids during storage or transfer (solvents, varnishes, etc.)
  • in the electronic Industry, creation of inert atmospheres to avoid oxidation during welding,
  • laser cutting to avoid darkening on edges of stainless steel
  • inerting during thermal treatments in metallurgical processes
  • spray varnishing.