Insulators and sealants

Acrylic resins are today universally used for the waterproofing of rooms because of their easy usability, limited cost, flexibility in applications (by spray, roller and brush), excellent physical features and last not least aesthetic appearance, which do not affect the finishing of rooms or warehouses. The GASCOAT resin is an elastic polymer with a high adhesiveness and persistence of white colour, that can be applied on any internal surfaces (walls and ceilings). This resin withstands high and low temperatures, mineral acids and solvents, is non-flammable and non-deflagrating inasmuch as it is obtained in a water dispersion.
On all the joints between panels, after a first coat of Gascoat, also a reinforcing layer of non-woven fabric is to be applied and subsequently a second lay of Gascoat.

Furthermore, for other finishings, such as joints between panels and floors, beam and column corners, the following products are to be used:

  • No woven tissue (to cover angular elements, screws and rivets)
  • Glass tissue (to reinforce wall/floor joints, to cover low walls and insulating sight plates)

Marvil is in a position to suggest the best technical solutions according to the use and features of the construction, and to supply the products required to guarantee a perfect tightness.

  • GASCOAT – gas-sealing coating (emulsion paint)in 24 kg drums
  • FIBERIL – glass tissue h 100 mm in rolls of 250 m
  • TISSUE 100 – synthetic tissue h 100 mm in rolls of 200 m
  • MAT 225 –fiber glass tissue h 200 mm in 7 kg rolls