Carbon-dioxide absorber

The CARBON-DIOXIDE ABSORBER is designed to control ULO and, in particular, DCA plants,  specifically to lower and keep the values of Carbon-dioxide required for the different conservation processes in controlled atmosphere: AC, LO, ULO, ILOS PLUS. Its primary function consists of absorbing and purifying the carbon-dioxide (CO2) generated inside the conservation cells by the “breathing” of fruits and vegetables, without introducing unwanted external air into the connected rooms.

The working principle of Marvil’s carbon-dioxide absorbers COM, ECOM and ECOM Plus is based on their capacity to retain the CO2 molecules from the air flow coming from the cell and conveyed by a system of molecular activated-carbon filters with a very high operational surface placed inside tanks.

The air aspired by the cell is cyclically conveyed into the tanks and subsequently conveyed back to the cells, with a totally automated process controlled through a microprocessor.

The absorber can be directly connected to a single cell or interconnected with several cells by means of manifolds and valves; given its particular effectiveness, it can be used for different conservation processes in controlled atmosphere:

  • AC conventional
  • LO Low Oxygen
  • ULO Ultra Low Oxygen
  • Dynamic Ilos-Plus

An absorber is made up by a painted steel frame supporting the main components, protected by a fairing of elegant panels in pre-painted galvanized steel. Among the most important functions there are the following ones:

AUTOTEST to carry our tests of the CA rooms automatically.
ANTIMIX to avoid gas mixes in single rooms; the cleaning cycle of the machine is always completed with the room on which operation is performed.
RESTORE to automatically restore the environmental standard conditions by the reverted absorber cycle, if one decides to open a room regulated in the CA mode.


The new range of ECOM-PLUS absorbers is the result of Marvil’s constant research and development activity in the field of engineering, for which our company is technologically highly advanced.

ECOM-PLUS is designed to keep even lower steady values of O2 and CO2 for which reason it is optimal to guarantee a dynamic conservation in controlled atmosphere.

Power consumption is significantly lower compared to former versions and, therefore, allows to achieve very high performance levels with a remarkable energetic economy.

The feature that makes ECOM-PLUS unique with respect to all the other absorbers is its patented system that allows to achieve a very high output without the necessity to introduce Nitrogen into the room to compensate values modified during the exchange or regeneration stages.

The design and construction devices adopted significantly improve the exploitation of the internal activated-carbon filters (and, consequently, the global yield), thus proving the undeniable superiority of this innovative absorber that avoids entering unwanted air into the rooms.