Ripening Programmer

Fruits are known by everyone to be better if they are consumed at the right stage o ripeness, but only few know how much engagement is needed to obtain optimality and how high the risk is of discarding them and having differences in quality. Marvil developed an innovative “programmer of maturation cycles” with multiple functions and controls, suitable for numerous types of fruits, tropical and not.

The programmer can be applied and adapted to different technical solutions, from tunnel-type mini-chambers to, obviously, bigger-sized rooms. The aim is to make fruits ripen, degreen them, eliminate tartness and generally treat any fruit batch, in order to market products with optimal quality, high homogeneity and little waste.

Each programmer is dedicated to a specific ripening room, but they can all together be connected in an enterprise network, with protected remote access, thus allowing a permanent easy control of each function.

By means of specific color touch-pads, thanks to a refined system design, each ripening programmer shall accompany in a simple and clear way your technicians in charge of quality control.