The engineering activity developed inside Marvil is recognized and appreciated in many sectors to which we have been devoting our endeavors ever since, such as Modified, Generated and Controlled Atmospheres, applied in the fields of conservation, prevention and industrial processes.

Engineering is part of our DNA, thinking and designing in a view of creating and proposing solutions ever more suitable to achieve goals, obtain optimal results with reduced cost and better yields.

Fresh fruits and vegetables result from crops harvested and marketed without transformation processes.

Even after being harvested (i.e. taken off the plant) such products continue their physiological activities, facing degradation processes that lead to decay in shorter or longer lapses of time according to the product type and environmental conditions in which they are kept.

Slowing such mechanisms allows to prolong shelf-life and to guarantee the product’s most appealing aspect required by consumers who are even more demanding.

The use of modified atmospheres, slowing down to its limits the physiological activity of the product to be preserved allows to maintain long the original features in an absolutely natural way.

Marvil achieved the high level of its know-how thanks to the decades-long experience of its team and over the years developed a narrow cooperation with the best Technicians and Institutions of the sector. This allows us to optimize the conservation procedures in modified atmosphere according to the nature and features of individual products.

By installing a Marvil equipment, you acquire together its consultancy on how to conserve at its best any type and variety of product. Furthermore, we are in a position to assist you also as far as cold-storage room conservation and the control of temperature and humidity are concerned.

Marvil’s team offers consultancy on any possible design solution, starting from an idea until its implementation, even for complete turnkey plants.

Research & Development are embedded and interacting activities. In view of being at the forefront and prospecting for an innovative future, engineering could not, but include digitalization and as a consequence, the study and creation of proprietary software for both microprocessors and personal computers. For the latter subjects please refer to the relevant page “Automation and Software”.