Quick cooling/treatment

In an ever more demanding market in terms of quality, services and speed, it is absolutely necessary to react and adapt. It is thanks to the endeavors of Marvil Engineering and its Research and Development Team that “quick cooling systems” were developed, which on the one hand allow to achieve excellent cooling speeds and on the other hand obtain reductions in consumption and time, together with economic advantages.

Low temperature where it is needed, and served at best: from talking to doing, through calculations, design, surveys and adaptations. Our R&D Team is in a position to propose you specific technical solutions customer tailored according to your needs, by both using our availability and proposing new realizations.

Marvil has also created modulated mobile Tunnels for the rapid forcing of air through the product to be cooled, which thanks to the control electronics and a simple intuitive color display, achieve an ultra-rapid and accurate cooling up to the wanted temperature.